I’ve spent the bulk of today as a human baby pillow.  Baby D has been very needy today – and I don’t mind it so much, except that my plans for today were completely derailed.  None of those plans were that pressing, except for the errand Hubs assigned to me.  He wanted me to take his black dress shoes to the repair shop, so the sole could be reattached, before he has an important meeting late next week.  And that didn’t happen.

I know it’s kind of selfish, since he’s working and I have (theoretically) more flexibility in my schedule, but I don’t like running his errands for him.  Perhaps because it seems like he always has three or four things he wants me to do for him.  And these errands often involve places that aren’t easy or fun to go to with three kids.  But no, the fact that I stayed home today holding the baby for hours on end as he slept on my chest was not a passive-aggressive refusal to do what Hubs asked.

Anyway, I put D back in his crib, hoping for a few minutes to eat dinner with two free hands, and he immediately cranked up.  He doesn’t cry with an initial “w” sound, like the stereotypical cartoon baby.  He starts with an “n.”  Naaah.  I think he’s a genius and he’s actually trying to say “nursing” because he’s hungry.  Of course, he’s also the cutest baby of all time (tied with his older sister and brother).  And no, I’m not exaggerating!


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