Dear Men’s Underwear Manufacturers,

Please reconsider your decision to include red underwear in the dark color variety pack.  Red underwear (even from your fine company, Fruit of the Loom) bleeds onto non-red items in the wash.  It just does, until it has been washed a few times to get out the residual dye.  This presents several frustrations for me, your customer and the designated laundry fairy* of this household:

  • Red loads are less frequently washed than loads of white or dark clothing.  I purchase multiple pairs of underwear for Hubs so that I don’t end up washing all the time.  I may be the laundry fairy, but I like to have a life.  Pairs of red underwear, however, get excluded from the regular washing rotation, thus reducing the number of clean pairs in circulation.
  • If you were thinking that the red underwear would draw in a certain type of customer, well, men interested in looking sexy and manly don’t typically purchase large multi-packs of boxer briefs from discount retailers.  Or rather, have their wives purchase said multi-packs for them.  Just sayin’.
  • Do men really need red underwear?  Women sometimes need particular colors or styles because of the outfit they’ll be wearing on top of the underwear but men?  Not usually worried about that (at least the multi-pack set aren’t).  Hubs doesn’t really care what color it is, as long as it’s clean and fits.
  • If you’re really worried about alienating customers who want your underwear in red or burgundy shades, perhaps you could consider selling those colors separately?  Or at least not including red shades in every multi-pack?  ‘Cause I looked, and every package at Wallyworld had red in it.  Unless I had wanted to buy white (ummm, no).

So that now I, humble laundry fairy and not-so-well-known blogger, have shown you the error of your ways, it’s up to you, Men’s Underwear Manufacturers, to fix this.  And while I have your attention?  I love those printed-on-fabric labels, instead of the separate white tags, on your products.  Good call on those.  Now get to work on this pressing red underwear issue, ‘kay?

*Laundry fairy: individual who collects Hubs’ scattered dirty clothes, which frequently don’t make it to the hamper, and then washes them and returns them to his drawers and closet, so that they are magically available to him whenever he needs them.


One Response to Dear Men’s Underwear Manufacturers,

  1. Cort says:

    THANK YOU! My beloved husband (bless him!) does his own laundry and sometimes completes a half load by grabbing a few articles from me. INEVITABLY, this is a new red undie wash. We have pink socks and shirts as punishment for his good deed. Ditch the red! Stick with blues (which make your whites look whiter if they bleed a bit) or grays.

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