From the mouths of babes

I’ve learned many wonderful things from my children this week:

  • My husband has super powers.  Super Daddy powers, actually.  He uses these powers to replace light bulbs and fix broken toys.  S told me all about it.
  • Anthony Bourdain soothes the angry baby.  Baby D loves the sound of his voice, and he will become quiet and entranced whenever No Reservations comes on the tv.  Fortunately he’s too young to pick up Anthony’s occasional potty mouth.
  • My daughter A loves first grade.  My son S also loves first grade, but he, alas, is in pre-k.  And incredibly jealous of his big sister.  He wants to go to her school and be in her class.  I think he believes they eat prepackaged cheese and cracker snacks all the time, since A’s teacher gave her one at “meet the teacher” day.
  • Night terrors actually terrify the parent who witnesses them, not the kid.  A has been having these lately and has no memory of them on waking.  On the other hand, I get so frustrated by my inability to comfort her and get her back to sleep easily while she’s in her zombie-like state that I frequently cry after the episode is over.
  • Baby D is very, very crafty.  Only three months old, and he can already get rid of his dissolving medicine tablets by allowing the medicine to dribble out in a small stream of drool.  And it gets on his chubby little neck, so I don’t always notice it right away.  Tricky little baby.
  • A and S love ranch dressing.  They use it to dip carrots, chicken nuggets, fries, and anything and everything else.  They don’t like ketchup.  If we don’t have ranch, they’ll accept mayo as a substitute dip.  Who knew they had such Continental tastes?
  • A and S are very picky eaters, who now think they don’t like many foods they loved in the past.  I can sneak “suspicious” fruits into homemade smoothies, however, and they’ll both tell me how delicious the smoothies are.
  • Kroger now makes lemon wafers (like vanilla wafers, only, well, lemon) and they are delicious.  S had them at my parents’ house and loves them, so we got a box for home too.
  • I’m a really safe, really good driver.  Hubs is a good driver too, but sometimes he drives fast.  The kids told me both of these facts.  A and S will tell on him (to me) for speeding.  They also rat out their grandfather (my dad) to their grandmother (my mom) for eating too many cookies, particularly when his appetite results in a reduced number of cookies available for their own consumption.
  • S knows the lyrics to Starship’s “We Built This City.”  And he loves to sing and dance to it!  The song is on Hubs’ iPod, so he’s heard it on long trips, but not that many times.  Mind like a steel trap, that boy.
  • A understands the concept of the pathetic fallacy, even if she doesn’t know that particular term.  She discussed this after watching a cartoon in which rain was referred to as clouds crying.

One Response to From the mouths of babes

  1. Avitable says:

    I used to have night terrors and somnambulism as a kid and a young adult. Use to freak my parents out!

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