Discard pile

I have decided to be as ruthless as I can be about thinning out my possessions in preparation for the move.  This will not be easy, at all. There’s a reason I don’t watch those reality shows where the experts move in and make people get rid of 3/4 of their possessions.  I like my stuff, and I don’t like to part with it.  Hubs and I are both rather emotionally invested in our possessions, actually, although I find that my emotional investment in his junk is not as deep as the attachment he feels.

But I already have two victims for my discard pile: the p.o.s. recliner that Hubs bought a couple of years ago, which began falling apart soon after he brought it home (I’ll confine my “told you so” to this blog – he didn’t take me to pick it out and I had suspicions about its quality from the outset)  and the Senseo coffee maker.  I’ve had the latter for many years.  I got it for free, actually, as part of a promo Senseo did, cleverly designed to get you to buy their overpriced coffee pods.  Initially the coffee tasted pretty good, but now, not so much.  I’m not sure if this is due to designed obsolescence in the machine, changes in the coffee they use to make the pods, or my increasingly sensitive GERDish constitution.

But I’ve had enough morning heartburn from the thing, so it’s going into the donation box along with the too-small jeans I’m hiding from A.  Efficient little kid will put them away in her dresser if she spots them.


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