Hubs has a loaner laptop from his new job, to use until his permanent laptop arrives, so we were able to chat a lot today over Skype.  He doesn’t have a webcam for that laptop, but I have the one he got for me before he left, so he was able to watch baby D rolling and laughing in the floor.  He’ll be able to talk to A & S tomorrow (they’re already in bed).

I’m thinking that my neighbors feel kind of sorry for me, being on my own with three kids.  We went up to their house yesterday evening (she was hosting one of those home jewelry sales parties and had invited me, so I went in search of adult conversation and ended up buying, but I digress), and she sent me home with lots of chicken salad, croissants, cupcakes, and a piece of cheesecake.  And then this afternoon they walked down and gave me two containers of chicken vegetable soup, plus more desserts, and offered to have A up to play with their girls for a while.  A jumped at the chance, of course.  She loves going up there and spending time with the “big girls” (high school age).  I feel really lucky to have such generous neighbors.  Almost all of the neighbors in our old neighborhood in NC were rather standoffish, but fortunately almost everyone around us here is polite at minimum, with most being genuinely friendly and outgoing.

That soup was really good, too.  I wouldn’t make something like that myself, at least not now, because A and S are incredibly picky and wouldn’t want to try it.  They’ve convinced themselves that they don’t like a lot of foods, foods they used to eat and enjoy.  At present they claim not to like tomatoes.  I know they really do.  Both have eaten tomatoes as ingredients in various dishes and loved them.  But these days they pick out every little piece of tomato to form a discard pile on the side of the plate.  They won’t even eat ketchup!  It’s strange.  They want ranch dressing on everything instead.  They dip fries in it, eat it on hot dogs.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love ranch.  But I’ll be glad when they move past these imagined food aversions.  A used to love trying unusual foods – the kid would eat anything off the buffet from our favorite Indian restaurant – but now I hesitate to take her out to any place that doesn’t serve chicken fingers, because I don’t want to waste money on food she won’t eat.  S won’t even eat burgers.  The kid thinks he doesn’t like beef.  He has eaten it at my parents’ house and enjoyed it, but if you ask him, he still insists he doesn’t like it.  Since my dad raises beef cattle, I’m eager for him to get past this particular issue and develop broader tastes than chicken nuggets, fries, and mac ‘n’ cheese.

My mind is (obviously) wandering all over the place.  This post is quite the piece of stream-of-consciousness writing.


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