I feel like an idiot.  Let me explain.

I have horrible dry skin and eczema.  It bothers me year-round, but fall and winter tend to be worse.  My hands become particularly dry as the weather gets colder, and sometimes the skin on them just cracks open and bleeds.

I noticed a place on the side of my thumb that looked like one of those cracks.  The skin separated, and I spotted a brown line that could be a tiny scab.  And, since it’s getting colder, and I’ve been washing my hands rather frequently (changing diapers, trying to avoid germs from the other two), I thought: oh, wow.  My skin’s cracking open already.

Fast forward five days.  Thumb continues to hurt, unusually so.  Usually with the hands, the pain’s just a dull ache, but this spot on my thumb really smarts.  So I turn on some bright lights, take off my glasses (super near-sighted), and look closely.

It’s a splinter.  An itty-bitty sliver of wood.  And I’ve been walking around in pain with that splinter stuck in the side of my thumb for almost a week.  So I grabbed some tweezers and pulled it out.  Instant relief.

My thumb doesn’t hurt at all now.  But I’m not feeling so smart.


One Response to D’oh!

  1. Treva says:

    Hey Robin! I hope you are hanging in all right these days. I feel your pain with the dry skin/ eczema on your hands. Mine are awful. Have you ever tried Vanicream lotion? I get it at the dermatologist and it works better than any other lotion I have used.
    Good luck with the house hunting!

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