Clone me, add more hours to the day, insert overused harried woman cliche here

It’s November.  I’ve pretended long enough that I don’t have tons of packing, culling, organizing to do.  I have to face reality: we have far too much stuff, most of which needs to be packed so it can go west in about six or seven weeks.

I’ve attacked the issue in tiny bites so far.  Yesterday, I cleaned out some of the food cabinets in the kitchen, so I can take food we won’t eat before the move to the food bank (which is woefully low on stock just now).  I’m trying to be strategic, pulling out foods that the kids don’t like much.  That makes for a strange collection – several cans of tomato soup and baked beans, a can of Mandarin oranges, some jars of spaghetti sauce (A’s going through an anti-red-food phase and S hopped on that bandwagon too), several boxes of broccoli and cheese Rice-a-Roni (A & S pick through to remove anything green), a bottle of Balsamic vinegar, and three bottles of hot sauce.  Hubs may be surprised to learn this (hi, honey!), but I plan on moving little to no food.  Texas may be a whole other country, but I know they have grocery stores there.

I got one big sentimental task out of the way yesterday: I cleaned out all of A’s outgrown clothes, so that I can donate some and pass others down to younger cousins.  My little girl is so tall and slim now, not the tiny baby she used to be.  With her little waist, she has been able to wear some dresses and outfits for three or four years, until she outgrows the length.  Efforts to get her to eat enough are largely futile.  She’s not too thin, but is on the edge.

Hubs was in a wreck last night, on his way home from work.  A woman failed to slow/stop for the red light where he was stopped and ran into the back of his car.  I said many unkind things about her and her barely-scratched SUV.  The little green car (what A & S call their daddy’s car) has a smooshed trunk and rear bumper and had to be towed.  I’m very relieved that Hubs is mostly okay (some back and neck pain -> a few physical therapy sessions) and a little apprehensive about the traffic out there.  The other “new guy” who started work around the same time as Hubs was in an accident a couple of weeks ago.  I hope this is just a fluke and not an indicator of the caliber of drivers in Austin.

Oh, look!  I’ve managed to procrastinate for several minutes by writing this post!  Off to pack.


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