Missive from the handbasket

So, I’m trying to type while a baby snorgs loudly in my ear, sucking his thumb and chewing on my hair at the same time.  Somehow this baby has developed a thing for my hair.  It’s like his security blanket.  I’m trying really hard to get him to transfer his affection to a blanket or stuffed toy, but no luck so far.  Which means I have little wet wads of hair after holding him.  And oh, does he want to be held.

I thought his “hold me now” insistence was bad when we were in Georgia and we were trying to pack, but if anything it’s worse now.  I can understand.  He’s in a new environment, and he’s been through a lot of upheaval in the last month, and he wants his mama.  Of course, now this makes unpacking difficult to accomplish.  But if I get him sitting just right, happily situated with thumb and hair, I can type a bit or read things on my laptop.

From what I’ve seen so far, I like Texas pretty well.  It’s different, and this morning when S started talking about playing my cousin, a big wave of homesickness washed over me.  I started tearing up as we were driving back after driving A to school (most days we’ve been walking, but it’s really cold today, and I didn’t want to take the baby out for a long walk in that).  There are so many changes right now that I just feel emotionally spent by bedtime most days.  I really miss my parents and extended family.  I feel so divorced from what’s happening in their lives, and I guess it’s similar to how things were when we lived in North Carolina, but then I hadn’t had the years of closeness and near-daily contact as fresh memories.

Did I mention that our garage is completely packed with boxes and plastic bins?  Over five feet tall, completely filled to the door, a two car garage full of our stuff.  The sight makes me feel so materialistic, and overwhelmed with the prospect of unpacking it all.


2 Responses to Missive from the handbasket

  1. Treva says:

    Robin, I just wanted you to know I very much sympathize with you. We went to visit our family over Christmas break and it was hard to leave! We have also lived away before, but it feels different this time. Maybe it’s because travel is harder for my parents for them to get here. But I do understand. And if it makes you feel any better about the hair thing, Zoe used to love to play with my hair while she drank a bottle. It was her comfort…and she still twirls her hair today when she is anxious about something. Would love if we were closer so we could at least be a support to each other! Hope the kids are adapting to new schools ok. Hang in there!

  2. Thanks, Treva – I really appreciate your note. It helps to know that someone else understands.

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