News from the wild west

Why, oh why, is it so cold here? I moved to Austin with dreams of wearing short sleeves in February. Illusions of never scraping ice from my windshield again. And yet, last week, the kids were out of school. For a snow day. And when I started my van this morning to drive A to school (because it’s too cold to walk with the baby – his cheeks get red and chapped!), the dashboard said it was 20 degrees outside. wtf?

Sure, I had some great days a couple of weeks ago when I did wear short sleeves. And we went to the park, walking in gorgeous warm sunshine, with no coats, and I was sweating by the time we got home. That was glorious. But this cold needs to stop. The wacky up-and-down temps need to stop. While I’m on a roll, the cedar pollen should never have started.

In other news, baby D has three sharp little teeth poking through his gums, and he sometimes uses them for evil. Moms who have breastfed children through the teething stages will understand the pain. Good thing he’s such an adorable little punk. He laughs – laughs! – when I scold him. And then grabs me around the neck and swipes a big handful of my hair, so he can clutch it in his fist while sucking his thumb.

Miss A got a great report on her first progress report here. She had particularly high marks in reading, which pleases my nerdy little heart to no end. She also seems to be making friends, despite a few issues with a mean girl in her class. I’ll never understand why anyone would say mean things and try to include my beautiful girl, but fortunately A is making friends with others and learning to steer clear of trouble. I know the teacher is aware of the issue, so I’m trying not to obsess and worry about it. Not saying that I’m successful, but I’m trying.

And then there’s S. The one who tied a string to a toy tractor and who is now dragging it behind him around the den. He’s so stubborn. I’m trying to teach him, trying to get him to practice writing, so he’ll be in good shape for kindergarten, but the kid balks at being told what to do. And I’ve never had much patience for cajoling and humoring. I know he’s smart, but he’s so stubborn about showing it that I fear others (his kindy teacher) won’t realize how much he knows and can do. Ask him to help with housework and he’s a great helper. It’s just something about writing, or practicing math, that makes him balk. Trying to sneak in an education is proving challenging.


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