Wild Ride (book review)

Wild RideWild Ride by Jennifer Crusie
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

If 2 1/2 stars were feasible, I’d pick them, because this book really does fall in the middle: the plot and characters offer so much potential that I want to love it, but it’s just not there yet. I wish some brilliant individual had grabbed this novel in the draft stages and pointed out all of the places that needed “more” as well as the places that would be just fine with “less.” The plot’s basic premise, of five ancient demons imprisoned in an amusement park and the struggle of their jailers to keep them from escaping, offers so much promise, but I expect more. I’ve read and laughed at Agnes and the Hitman. I know they can do better when they collaborate and it works. The novel’s conclusion feels rushed and underdeveloped, and the characters are not fleshed out enough. Mab is initially presented well, but further developments and growth in her character are not fully explored, whereas Ethan (individually and in his relationships with the other characters) does not receive sufficient attention. Ugh. I wanted this book to be so much more than it was. Yes, I’m glad I read it, but it didn’t really satisfy.

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