Five Years.

Life happened. It’s not that hard for me to believe that it’s been five years since my last post. I have another kid now. We’ve moved again. I wondered – is that old blog still around? And yes, it is. I should do something with it. I should write again – I know I need to write, it’s a form of therapy and mental exercise and more. I guess I’m faced with the same conundrum that I felt when I started this blog – “inadequate things.” Can I say anything that is adequate? Anything meaningful? Confronted with so many narratives in the world around me that should be unbelievable, but sadly aren’t now, is there anything to say that anyone other than me wants or needs to hear? The RNC is on in the background now (I should change the channel – it’s not good for my health to listen to this), and there is so much I want, for myself, my family, my state, my country, my world. Right now, constructive dialogue instead of vitriol and partisanship would be nice.


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