I’m moving here for a fresh start.  I have been blogging for a few years, sporadically, in assorted venues, but since I’ve entered a new phase in my life, I thought a new blog might be a good thing, too.

This new phase.  Well, I have a daughter and two sons, and at present, being a mom is my full-time job.  I have a husband and three dogs in the mix too.  I’ve worked in the past, largely teaching college classes, occasionally doing writing and editing work.  I’m a grad school dropout, ABD, although after passing my PhD exams I swore I would stick it out and finish my dissertation.  But life intervened.

I’m thinking of this blog, in broad terms, as a space to be thoughtful.  A place to bring together ideas and topics and work with them.  I’m not promising to produce a fabulous sculpture from this clay: it’s about process.  My family is part of the scope, but I’ll drag in a lot of other interests: education, literacy, environmental responsibility, sustainability, gardening, politics, gender, literature… I’m an omnivore, really.

My middle child narrates his actions when he prepares to jump into the swimming pool.  So I’ll borrow from his instructions as I start this new thing: “Bend your knees, aaaand JUMP!”


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